30DC WoW – Day 6

Favourite female character

It has to be the Dragonsqueen, the Queen of Life, the Aspect of the Red Dragonflight, the beautiful benevolent Alexstrasza.

This is my gift: compassion for all living things. A drive to protect and nurture them. And the ability to heal that which others cannot, birth what others may not, and love even the unlovable–who surely need such grace more than any other souls. – Blessing of the Red Aspect, given by Eonar

I loved her ever since I first came across her in Wyrmrest Temple and then the Wrathgate.  And then the whole battle with Deathwing.  I’d definitely be a red dragon if I could be under her wing (unintended pun but lol, it’s there).  There are so many strong women in WoW and she is the most motherly character in the arsenal.  You can feel her love for her clutch when you come across the situations of the Twilight dragonkin and Deathwing, and her pain when she has to kill her own.  Ha ha, it’s hard to explain why you love a character when you instantly like them the moment you interact when them.


Image source: http://wow.duowan.com/0902/m_97705368325.html

What do you think?

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