30DC WoW – Day 4

I can’t choose just one!

So I’m not.  (Bwahahaha)  I’m choosing one Horde race and one Alliance race.  And if you’ve read my other posts, it should be no surprise which two they are.  Well, that and the image attached to this post is kind of a dead give-away.




Horde – the Sin’dorei, Children of the Blood aka the Blood Elves

I realise they are the ‘pretty’ race of the Horde, but that’s not why I picked them.  Since I came across them in Warcraft 3, I’ve wanted to know more about them, to experience their culture and society first hand.  This is also the primary reason I changed to a roleplaying server (THE roleplaying server if you catch my drift).  Their architecture and clothing designs is probably what captured my designer side the most.  The delicate golden threads and railings that feature in both and the richness of the red – it felt as though these elves were a more sophisticated Horde.  Their desire for vengeance and blood didn’t rule them, though it did define them.  I think that’s why they fit in with the Horde so well (not that their history with the Alliance is to be disregarded).  Anyhow, I do love them, as I do with most elvish races and cultures.





Alliance – the Kal’dorei, Children of the Stars aka the Night Elves

A race with such history, especially against the Burning Legion.  Warcraft 3 made me fall in love with them, and World of Warcraft helped that love along.  My first ever character was a Night Elf during Vanilla before shifting to the Horde and the Blood Elves.  I love forests and elves, so combining the two had me completely.  The whole emphasis on the female side of the society made me very happy too.  I could imagine myself being a priestess of Elune or a Sentinel archer.  Listening to the ‘Night Elves’ from the Cataclysm soundtrack while imagining these two secenarios… ahhhhh, bliss.

What do you think?

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