30DC Gamer List – Day 4

My guilty pleasure…

I would have to say World of Warcraft.  There is so much negativity about playing it and it’s really not warranted.  I’ve met so many great people from that game and learned how not to take everything personally and how to lead people.  This last point was the main reason why I volunteered myself to be project manager on a year-long student project.  And you know what, the proudest moment of that year was at the post project review, when my tutor asked my group if done again would they change who was in what position, and they said no.

It also was my saviour through the hardest years of my life.  The safe world I could escape to when real life felt completely and utterly hopeless.  Without WoW and my partner, I definitely would not be alive today.

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  1. Eiron

    I dislike the term “guilty pleasure”. If you get pleasure from it then there should be no guilt attached. People (that is, people in general) attach stigmas to the weirdest things.


    1. Eiron

      I love your thoughts here. That a game can give you so much life and growth in scope even beyond the confines of the screen is excellent.


    2. Retridemption

      I agree with you about disliking the term and the reason why. I had to go google it to really understand what it meant. I have no guilty pleasures when it comes to games, but I’d say this one was the closest to what they intended it to mean.


  2. snellopy

    Yeah, I often say “I’m not Catholic, why would I bother with guilt?” I remember back in the day hearing about people putting their positions such as raid leaders for hardcore raiding guilds on their CVs and getting snapped up in an instant by people who knew what sort of organisational nightmare such a position was.


    1. Retridemption

      It is! I used to be an officer in a guild or two, and an achievement raid leader. Getting people to do things when you have absolutely no power over them is an art in itself. I can proudly say that I’ve successfully lead a mob of 40 strangers and actually got a “For The Horde” accomplished.


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