Game Design Document Template

There are so many aspects to a game that when you’re designing one, you don’t think about them all.  That’s where a game design document comes in handy.  Creating these really helped by forcing me to consider all of the features and how they should integrate together.

What I did with these was print out all the pages and physically write on them.  Actually writing it down, I feel, concretes that version of the idea.  Otherwise it’s still floating around half-formed.  Also, I’m kinda old-school (*laughs* so old-school now is writing instead of typing?  Suddenly feel like I’m old!  Nooooooooooooo) in the fact that I like writing with pen & paper rather than typing.  Crossing out words and using arrows to point everywhere to show my entangled web of ideas – that’s the way I like playing and working with them.

Below are two templates for game design documents in different file formats.  You are welcome to use them as you like.

gameDesignDoc_v1 (for Word 97-2003)


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