20 Things About Me

  1. The time it took to write the “About Me” page and this post was about 3 hours.
  2. I blame my cat, Indy, for making it take that long because he was too cute to resist petting and cuddling.
  3. The last song I listened to was “Changing Seasons” by Shoji Meguro from the Persona 3/FES soundtrack.
  4. I’m obsessed with buying plushies (soft toys) of animals and characters I like, especially my favourite guys from animes.
  5. Tornado chasing is the scariest and most unpredictable thing I want do.
  6. I’m currently learning Japanese using Memrise, anime and a DS game/teaching aide called “Learn Japanese”.
  7. The thickest book on my bookshelf is called “The Art of Looking Sideways”.
  8. I wanted to be a paleontologist when I was little.  And yes, I still love dinosaurs!
  9. What I fear most is hooks.
  10. My favourite ice-cream flavour is peanut butter and chocolate.
  11. I want to learn archery, kendo and aikido.
  12. In my handbag lives a small plushie of Byakuya Kuchiki, a set of Major Arcana cards from Persona 3, the key to the Velvet Room from Persona 4 and my notebook that is about 3 years old and full of ideas, sketches and scribbles.
  13. The places I want to travel to are Greece, Rome, Egypt (for the classic ancient history) and Japan.
  14. Eventually I will have a minion army of my own.  You know, the ones from Despicable Me, the yellow Tic-Tacs.
  15. My earliest childhood memory is making mud pies on the BBQ plate (not on of course) at the old house my family used to live in.
  16. I love Mexican and Japanese food.
  17. When I was four, I sang “Poison” by Alice Cooper from memory.
  18. My favourite colour is orange.
  19. There is a set of drawers beside my bed.  It has 3 drawers.  First drawer is the home of my handheld consoles, their cases and a deck of Clow Cards from Cardcaptor Sakura.  The second is full of games for all different consoles.  The third has two Wii controllers, a Gamecube controller and various cords in it.
  20. Two words I live by – DREAM and BELIEVE.

There are 3 comments

  1. Eiron

    The Art of Looking Sideways! Such a beautiful book. I have had to send my copy back into storage as I have woefully limited book-have space in my university accommodation.


    1. Retridemption

      Oh wow. I’ve never met someone else who knows of it. It’s actually belongs to one of my sisters but I don’t think she’s ever touched it. I love the different typography in it. Probably is one of the highest influences on my design persuasions.


      1. Eiron

        I discovered it when I was working in a bookshop in Brighton. I fell in love with it and knew I had to own it. I am trying to determine if anything from it can be useful to my challenge lists, but for now it can sit about being beautiful… albeit in storage.


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