30DC Gamer List – Day 3

A game that is underrated

Lux Pain

When I bought this game, I bought it purely because of the Persona-like graphics.  What I wasn’t expecting was a game that enthralled me so much I played it through two sessions.  The controls were a bit clunky and sometimes you got really lost as to what you had to do next, but the story had me sucked in.  It’s a lot like a manga in that it’s quite linear.  Some people don’t like that but I prefer it.  I like knowing where I’m supposed to be going.  Tangents are fine but as long as there is a main storyline to follow.

If you like the Persona-esque graphics and type of story, I recommend this game, if you have the patience to deal with some of the annoyances during play.


Image source: http://www.zerochan.net/127632

There are 6 comments

  1. Eiron

    I have no DS, so will be unable to add this to my queue. But perhaps I can look into the Persona series, as I do have a PS2. That said, I also have a Backloggery of some 5000 games, so maybe I should focus on clearing those first.


    1. Eiron

      Oh, yes. If I had to pick a game that was underrated (and is not Deadly Premonition, much as I love it), then I would go with Eversion, a simple-looking platformer that feels at first like a Mario clone, but has a lot of hidden depths.


  2. snellopy

    Star Control 2. Very long in the tooth now (must be mid 80’s) but I still have the 4 floppy disks in storage at my parents place (though of course no access to a disk drive). Excellent story telling, marvellous humour, action, goodie aliens, baddie aliens, the whole box and dice. A big fan community that even now is doing stuff. It’s the game where the name Snellopy comes from too, so it will always be close to my heart


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