30DC WoW – Day 1

Alliance or Horde?  I think the picture says it all.

I started WoW as a Night Elf but the majority of my WoW life has been spent proudly serving the Horde.  Just love running through battlegrounds screaming “FOR THE HORDE” at the top of my lungs, loosing arrows into my enemies or laughing maniacally, healing others while a heap of Alliance chase me.  The Horde are always proud and defend our lands with gusto.  That’s why I love the Horde.

Image source: http://kaita7x.deviantart.com/art/Warcraft-Horde-146685383

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  1. Eiron

    I do not play anymore, but I played a little of everything. My main character, however, was one Uttejak, a somewhat lackadaisical orc.


      1. Eiron

        Oh. I was never much into it beyond casually playing, so I muddled along at my own pace, doing my own thing. The reason I do not play anymore is mostly because of the subscription costs. If I could buy game time to use at my convenience then probably I would still be playing.


  2. snellopy

    I read this post at work, then lost it again due to my sieve like memory. But thanks to booze, I remembered about it and came to testify, because my lord, do I miss Azeroth, or at least the mates I left there. This will be long and rambly, so most likely et by the spam filter, but I am fine shouting into the void.

    My name is Snellopy, and I miss my guild, I love them long time. They kept me sane when I wasn’t sober, when life was fed to me drip by drip at the end of a 33k modem (after years of fiber optic bacbone cable at uni). The universe condensed itself into a bottle and our NWN server, which we kept going as long as possible. When it was obvious that WoW was the next big thing, there was three shards – the Euros, the Horde and the Goodies. I wanted to try something different, so threw my lot in with the horde guys, rolling a tauren hunter. Because I drank heavily, it took me at least a week (I am being generous,it might have been longer) to realise I wasn’t a good fit, They were getting the band back together, and were summoning old mates from Norrath. Mad keen min/maxers, and leet as fuck, I was like a triangle at an oval convention. Happily I realised before I had to be told, and swapped to what I should have been at the start, a dwarven hunter with the other group. They even called themselves There and Lost Again, a hat-tip to my inability to find my arse with an atlas, but that didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the journey. And that was even before I joined them, because they knew I just couldn’t find the right damn server. I haven’t played in six? years, but I am still on the guild roster, with the status of mascot.

    I classify myself as a hardcore casual gamer. Back in the day, when I used to be me instead of me, I would easily rack up 50 odd hours a week in game (most often more) on top of working full time. But I sucked balls. At least I had the decency to know it. For me, WoW was just IRC with better graphics and something to hit with axes when there was a conversational lull. I excelled in speed levelling guildies alts, and used to be able to do deadmines in a beer or less. I don’t think we had anyone on roster who didn’t have at least one alt taken up to the scarlet monastery (and all flgihtpoints on the way) with me in aspect of the pack. Fozzie, my white bear, was a far more effective fighter than me, as often I’d pick lower statted gear because it looked sexier – I had a hat for head armour for ages, because it made me look like a bearded Indianna Jones. Black dragons in that volcanoey place in the middle (time, booze makes me forget) were an endangered species, as I skunned (past tense of skinned?) enough of them for scales for ALL our warlocks to get their firery hoof mounts (this was back in my day when there weren’t none of these fancy expansions and shit). A warlock would ding 60 and there’d be a “You’ve got mail!” message and it’d be “go ride a real horse mate” with all the scales they needed. Wait, was it 60? I think it was 60, I remember people swearing and cheering when I got there. I did my rep grinding too, as there was no way I was riding a stupid sheep. I sucked up to the tree huggers, and got myself a sabre tooth tiger. Beard and fangs, it was like sex on a stick, but cost a ton of runecloth. I’d log in each day, and my mailbox would be full of the shit, because what goes around comes around. But still, them pointy ears love their material, and it took a long time to get it all. And it takes a lot of coppers to make a gold coin, so my mate had to loan me the dough to buy the damn cat. But I got it, and lo, it was great.

    Our guild was a wee touch to small to do raids, so we teamed up with a couple of others to do so. Often it was on my recommendation, and really, the others should have known better,because I am a TERRIBLE judge of character, and believe the best of everyone (even guys that cleaned out the guild bank) and love y’all long time. Like I said, WoW was pretty much pretty pixels while I got drunk, so I’d cause all sorts of trouble like rocking up in my pretty looking gear rather that high stat stuff, pulling things I shouldn’t (because it’s so much fun especially when everyone is on vent), playing drinking games based on whatever raid we were on, or renaming Fozzie on the sly to whatever the main tank was called, which would cause all the plugins? Apps? Support programs to go nuts and everyone lose their shit when he died. Pretty much the rest of my guild carried me, but I was there for comic relief, and was grandfathered in, so there wasn’t anything anyone could do about it.

    Since most of them were based in America, the first year I was here I saved a bunch of money (because booze was cheaper) and bounced around visiting them all. I flew into Canada, then did, uh, 13? states. It’s a tad bit hazy. There was a lot of alcohol involved. Saw about 50 odd guildmates, closer to 70 WoW players if you add them all up, but a bunch of them were only tangentially known to me, and were inlaws of the Salt Lake City contingent – which is a whole ‘nother story.

    Damn, I am getting all sentimental mate. Tomorrow (since I am unsupervised then too) I will go out and get more hooch, and pour it on the ground for old friends, long forgotten and far away. Thanks for calling up auld ghosts mate, with my mind, if I don’t summon them to the foreground, I lose them


      1. Retridemption

        That was the funniest post I’ve read in ages. So epic. This was the kind of post I wanted to read about. Peoples’ experiences in games like MMORPGs can develop them and, in some ways, come to define them – with or without them knowing about it. Thanks for sharing Snellopy. It was so good.


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