30DC Gamer List – Day 1

First ever game

Castle – DOS

My first memory of really attempting to finish a game was of this classic. (and my kitty decides to nom my hand as I write this)

It was the highlight of my visit whenever my family went to my cousins’.  I remember sitting on a chair for hours, dying and restarting, staring up at the black and white screen.  I think the furthest I got in the game was the traps on the lower floor.  Ha ha, my memory is vague about some parts but as soon as I look at the layout in the picture below, it all seems to come back to me.




Now I think I remember something about a key.   Aaaahhhh, now I want to play it!  The memories….

There are 5 comments

  1. Eiron

    I wonder what was my first ever game? It was almost certainly something on the Intellivision. Let us say it was Space Armada. It does not especially inspire me to dig out the old console again, however.


  2. snellopy

    I can’t remember my first game, but because I had *terrible* hand-eye co-ordination as a little tacker, a specialist recommended my parents get a computer and I spend some time EVERY DAY playing games. I would have been in pre-school, maybe kindergarten. They bought an Amstrad, and I can still remember sneaking outside to play with my brother and a mate, and my mother yelling from the verrandah “Come back inside and play your computer game this instant!” Words she regrets to some degree, as I took them quite to heart


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